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The tagline for Sage is ‘vibrant vegan cuisine’, and they stay pretty true to this mantra as everything (and we mean EVERYthing) that comes out of their kitchen is made with animal-free ingredients. And unlike many other vegan joints that rely on the same old formulas, the food here is actually pretty vibrant with colourful smoothie bowls topped with exotic fruits, fresh salads bursting with rainbow-hued veggies and crunchy bits, and a few deep-fried and bread-based dishes for those who want to indulge a little.


The architecture is pretty unique with huge circular windows looking out over Jalan Nyuh Bulan, and plenty of cozy corners where you can chill out and enjoy your meal in peace or have an uninterrupted chat with good mates. Wooden tables abound, and there are a mix of wooden chairs and comfy benches laden with cushions. The tables are typically filled with a decent mix of patrons from long-time expats who live in the Nyuh Kuning hood to health nuts and digital nomad types. And the staff are sweet and eager to please, although you may need to flag them down to get your order going.

Tempeh Buffalo Wings at Sage Ubud

Tempeh Buffalo Wings


The menu here isn’t your typical vegan salads-only type deal. Instead you’ll find interesting creations inspired by global cuisine. Take for example the Tempeh Buffalo Wings (IDR 40K) that consist of crispy corn-crusted tempeh fried until golden and served with a spicy buffalo sauce and a creamy ranch dressing on the side. This is a great small plate to start with, and if you didn’t know better, you might not even know this was totally vegan.

Jackfruit Asada Tacos at Sage Ubud

Jackfruit Asada Tacos

Moving on to mains, the Jackfruit Asada Tacos (IDR 60K) come piled high with fresh lettuce, pico de gallo and your choice of chipotle cream sauce or cilantro sour cream (both made with non-dairy products like soy and sunflower oil), but underneath it all you’ll find meaty chunks of jackfruit marinated in coconut milk and spices and resting on hand-rolled flour tortillas. To complete the plate, they serve up sides of Mexican rice and beans and a green salad. You can also get it gluten-free and order everything in a bowl sans the flour tortillas.

Lonestar Sandwich at Sage Ubud

Lonestar Sandwich

We also tried the Lonestar Sandwich (IDR 60K) with home-made flatbread stuffed with marinated baked tofu, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and chipotle mayo. Although the flavours were pretty tasty, the bread was quite dry, and everything kept sliding out, which made it pretty awkward to eat. This is probably not a good bet if you’re with someone you’re looking to impress. However, the salad bowls are always a good call, as they come packed with ample portions of healthy veggies like spinach, cauliflower, purple potatoes and beets. You can also get brown rice or quinoa-based bowls.


This is a chilled out little spot that has a good vibe going on and interesting vegan food that breaks out of the usual raw veggies and cashew butter fare that so many other vegan places offer. In fact, non-vegans will be able to find more than a few things on the menu that will make you forget that you’re not eating any meat. One thing we should note though: if you decide to linger for a coffee after your meal, don’t expect regular milk to be on offer. It’s soy milk or coconut milk only, which is cool if you’re into that, but for us a latte with thin watery soy milk just didn’t going cut it.

Jalan Nyuh Bulan No. 1, Nyuh Kuning
T: +62 0361 976 528
H: Daily: 8am – 9:30pm